REASON /riːz(ə)n/ noun. a very unique human being.

A  woman who has many dreams – one of them is her “something that matter” dream. She aims to fulfil that dream in many ways – that includes writing about things that matter (including randomness) candid photography and by falling in love with Jesus every single day of her life, to the very core of her being.

She is an advocate and big fan of GRATEFULNESS.

She is wife to the most wonderful man in the world; a sister, daughter, cousin & niece to one of the craziest family on earth (yes, they are the craziest – but she loves them to the death!)

One day, she hopes to work with World Vision or maybe start her own non-for-profit organisation that reaches out to disadvantaged kids. For her, children are the future hope of the world and its a must that all of them are given the opportunity to become the person that they want to be.

She believes that she is destined for greatness – not with super wealth or super success but greatness in the sense that she had played her part in this world by being great at what God has called her to do.

She believes in adding value in people’s lives and help them discover their greatness too.

She is for perseverance. As President Obama stated “…nothing worthwhile is easy.”

She hopes that one day, when her kids are old enough to read & understand life – they will read her blogs, remember her works, see her photographs and discover that their Naynay (this is what she wishes her future kids will call her – its a slang for mother in Filipino) may not have lived the easiest life, but at least they know that SHE DID lived with a purpose – inspiring & encouraging people to continue to be grateful, enjoy life & reach for their greatness!

She hopes that while you are reading/ browsing through her posts, may she inspire and encourage you to reach your greatness too!

PS: God bless you awesomely! Stay grateful, friend. ♥ Reason xo



‘Each time we act to improve the life of another person, we send forth a ripple of hope in what appears to be a hopeless society.’ – Joyce Meyer

“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own” -Robert Heinlein

“Miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.” Forrest Gump

“It is not those who start the race in excitement who win; it is those who stick to it and make it across the finish line when nobody is excited anymore or nobody is cheering them on or their emotions are no longer supporting them, or they don’t feel like going on any longer, or it looks as if they will never make it to the end, when all they have left is that ONE WORD from GOD that make them started in the first place” – Anonymous

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will  recount all of Your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1

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