To be honest, I am currently struggling.

I am not in a good state because of some big challenges that is presently happening in my life.

But I have to fight. And I have to keep fighting. People close to me already knows my battle. But if you are reading this because you are curious on what it is, I am sorry but it won’t be on this post. Maybe in the future, when I am ready, I’ll be able to share it.

For now, all I can say that I am in a battle. Every day. To be specific, every minute of every day. But I decided (with the help of the people who are fighting for me :>) that it’s all about perspective. All of these things I’m going through is hard but it is not the end of everything. I can still fight, I can still win – with every good choice.

So to help me, I decided to do another project – the #TodaysWinProject. Its similar to my #GratefulnessHabit but this one is about finding my little wins in each of my day. It will encourage me to find my wins and know that every good choice is equals to one win 🙂 In this, I can see how my progress is going with changing my perspective in losing/ defeat until I feel like a winner again 🙂

Here are 2 things that I think of which helps me during this difficult time:

  • It is okay to feel defeated. It is okay to feel like a loser. But feeling like a loser and being a loser is completely different. You are only a loser when you don’t take anything from all these. So cry, grieve and feel it. BUT DONT STAY THERE.
  • No matter what life throws at you, you have to keep fighting. When you reach that point when you can’t fight anymore, make sure you surround yourself with people who is willing to do the fighting for you, until you are strong enough to fight again.

And maybe, just maybe, you feel the same. Maybe you feel like losing too – maybe you feel like you are defeated by many things – wrong choices, negative thoughts, addictions, whatever they may be. Can I whisper something to you?

You can win over these things.  YES YOU CAN. We are born winners. YES WE ARE. It is just a matter of us making the right choices, the good choices to be specific, to win the big & little battles in life. We are not born to lose – we are born to be victorious. Whatever our circumstances dictates, we can choose to be winners.

Hugs, Reason ❤

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