Where did it all begun? I think the better question is –  WHY did I start this project? One of my greatest realisation these past few years is this: I am so loved. Yes I definitely am. There are days when I don’t feel loved but feelings are not always a representation of truth. Sometimes our feelings covers up truths because we allow them to.

But really, the truth is I am loved, every day, every single time. I am loved because Someone loves me so much more than I can ever imagine.  Someone decided to love me & gave His life for me so my future is secured. Someone loves me even when I fail Him. Someone looked beyond my dirty stinky self and tells me that His grace is new every single morning and that He loves me just the same. He loves OH SO DEARLY – He loves me just the way  I am, but won’t leave me to settle for less – He wants me to be better.

That Someone is JESUS. He loves me… AND He loves YOU too

Jesus loves US soooo MUCH that I just can’t keep it to myself anymore. You know when you have to say something really important and you just really really REALLY need to say it out loud or else you will explode? Yep, that’s WHEN & WHY the You Are Loved Project started.

I knew there was something I could do to make someone’s day a little brighter 🙂

So here are the particulars of my projects: I saw this design from Emma Kate and asked permission if I can use her design – and she said YES! 🙂 Then I requested some mini-cards to be printed with Print Studio and once it arrived – TADA!

IMG_0629 I decided to spread some love wherever I am, whenever I can through dropping off mini-cards like this. I dropped some in our neighbour’s mailboxes:


In cafes in Singapore…


Inside the airplanes..


and even to people closest to my heart…


So yes, this is my #YouAreLovedProject – scattering mini-prints of this reminder wherever I go, whenever I can hoping that someone will see this reminder and remind themselves the same thing until they believe its true. Because it is.  And hopefully, they can remind others too.

Yes my friend, You are loved. So as the person next to you. And that person who irritates you. And that child who just wanted peppa pig for Christmas. And that old woman next door who lives by herself. And that check-out chic who wasn’t too nice. I hope we all go beyond the bad stuffs, see things on a different perspective and share love instead. Let’s start a revolution.

You are so much loved. I hope this truth will sink into the very core of your being. Because you are. God loves you oh so much, passionately, relentlessly and unconditionally. And there is NOTHING you can do to get rid of Him and His love. He will keep pursuing you. He will never stop loving you. So no matter how unloved you feel, Someone loves you. And He will never stop. Never.

‘… love’s not love till you give it away.’ – Bill Anderson


I’d like to end by acknowledging the people behind my project [like what the Bible said, give honour where honour is due :)] the lovely Emma Kate who I asked permission from so I can use her beautiful lettering/ calligraphy + Print Studio for printing my prints (and more printing to come! 😍) + (AND MOST OF ALL) my loving God who love me oh so passionately, unconditionally & endlessly that causes me to spread the same love. :>

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One Response to #YouAreLovedProject

  1. Kaiskidoodle says:

    What a beautiful project, MyLab. 🙂 and what a beautiful message to spread. Maybe i can grab some cards from you the next time we see each other and spread that message here in Sydney, too! ❤️

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