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This isn’t my 2014 year-end post. As I’m currently in the Philippines enjoying one of the most simplest and most significant holiday of my life, I won’t be able to seat down & reflect on 2014 just yet. But I need to write something tonight to make sure that I mark this moment when God has, once again, decided to show how MAGNIFICENT He is + that He really does makes things OH-SO-BEAUTIFUL in His time + that He always work things FOR THE GOOD. 🙂

There were 2 opportunities that God has given me during this holiday trip and on both occasions God has resounded freedom – freedom from the past that has always captivated me, held me back and stopped me from pursuing God’s best plans for my life and through my life. I love how He answered so much more of my questions years ago, most of them are the answers to my ‘whys’. All those hard and challenging moments have a significant part to play for in my journey as a whole. That all my prayers are being heard and were answered – not on the timeline that I begged it would be answered but on the timeline God knows will best fit. That hearing ‘I am sorry’ gave so much peace + freedom like never before and that moment, that exact moment it was said, was all I needed.

You did good, God. As always. I am here now. I am ready. 

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