Dear You…

Dear You,

You are capable of saying the truth all the time because you love God & you desire to honor Him in every part of your life – and it includes integrity.

You can save money & spend wisely.

You are capable of overcoming your insecurities. Yes you are. YES YOU ARE.

You are beautiful. period.

You are creative & you can use that to be the person that you are and who you want to be.

You are clever and resourceful.

You can let go of the past, learn from it & move forward without looking back.

You can forgive. You’ll remember what was done to you but you will no longer feel the pain anymore. You will laugh about all of them one day very soon.

You are smart and is capable of conceptualizing brilliant ideas.

You are not a prisoner of your own emotions but you are in control of them. You are emotionally sound.

You can let go of the bad habits that imprisons you and replace them with God-honouring ones.

You are all these because God says so. So please rest on His truth, believe it and live it.

The world will tell you otherwise. So be courageous and face the world & you tell them they are wrong. They are completely wrong. You are who God says you are.

Rest in His Truth, believe it and live it.

I wrote this to speak loudly to myself. But it may very well speak to you as well. If it does, I am praying for you – for strength, courage, peace, wisdom & God’s grace to get you through. As a long lost friend once told me, Life is tough but God is tougher.’ – lv.


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