Gratefulness (noun): acknowledgment of having received something good from another; Appreciative of benefits received; thankful. Expressing gratitude.

I was on the train this afternoon and realised that I forgot to bring my headphones. So I decided to enjoy listening to the rush hour conversations inside the train. I heard different stories, some funnier than the other but most of the stories i heard was more of complains – about how they don’t like their job, or their workmates, when will this winter end as it is too cold, how they hope their partners will change, that they need a pay rise or how they wish they were on a holiday (and not on this stinking train – their words, not mine) and many more. And don’t get me wrong, I have days like this as well – and venting helps most of the time.

But in Team Villavicencio (which is what Glen and I call ourselves – and hopefully in the very near future there would be 5 of us.. or maybe 6 or 7, only God knows…) we value being grateful, especially on days when we don’t feel like it. I have done different projects in the past such as 365 Days of Gratefulness (click the link for more info) and one of my current ones was the 100 Days of Happiness of which i posted photos of things that made me happy for 100 days on my instagram account. I currently am keeping a journal (for 5 years – its actually very hard to maintain but i am very proud to say that i have kept the habit of writing on it!) called The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal: A Five-Year Record promoted by Gretchen Rubin. All of these projects/ prompts did help me with building & maintaining the gratefulness habit. To be honest, it was never an easy journey. At times, I still find it very hard to find something to be grateful for, especially when there is seriously nothing right about my day. But one of my favourite people, Dr Sam Chand, said in a business conference I attended, that opportunity is always there – sometimes we just have to look hard enough. I realised that all I have to do is look at things in a different perspective when I can’t find something to be grateful for.

Now let’s go back to my train ride this afternoon. I thought, after hearing all the venting of the people around me, what can I do to help encourage/ promote gratefulness to friends/ family, to people around me, even to strangers?


… And the lightbulb moment happened! I thought if I can use my instagram account and create a hashtag called #GratefulnessHabit (and surprisingly there are NO HASHTAG like this JUST YET on instagram yet! WIN! woohooo!) I can somehow encourage people to post things that they are grateful for and use the hashtag! 🙂 I thought I’d find ways to spread the word the best way I can so I help make the word a better, brighter & lighter place in my own little way. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll infect others and the gratefulness fever will be passed on, and passed on, and passed on……

So hey, if you have an instagram account – please feel free to post photos of things/ person/ circumstance/ whatever it is that you are grateful for and use the hashtag #GratefulnessHabit. And maybe, just maybe, in a world where there are more complains than gratefulness, we can turn things around – both in our world and in our own lives.

Thank you in advance for spreading the word :>

Stay grateful, friend.

Sincerely, lv.

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