This Saturday, i am given the opportunity to share about GOD’S GRACE in our RuAz Lifegroup.

And of course, this week, my brains & emotions are just everywhere. I feel like I am mess. Actually no, I am a mess. I was praying & telling God maybe I don’t deserve to be sharing this. I can’t even do what I’m about to preach. Why would He let me do this? It’s such a hard battle.

BUT then again, God (with all His thought-provoking words & His ways of letting me know that I am enough, I am capable & I need to do this because its going to change lives) made me read this (by the way, this is rephrased from Renee Swope’s No More Guilt Induced Doubt):

“Reason, if you don’t need this message as much as the people listening to you, then you are not qualified to share it. But because you need it as much as they do, you are. You’ve been appointed and you are anointed to do this.”

I was overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure what to say. I was speechless knowing that God sees my situation this way. That no matter how messed up I am (or my perception of myself, should I say) He is so willing to use me to share about His Amazing Grace & Overflowing love.

I also think that the enemy’s trying to hold me back from sharing.  So I told myself that this Saturday – I’ll be sharing even more stronger, even more powerful, even more confident – standing in the truth that it is not about me, my mess & my incapabilities – its about God, His love & indescribable grace. 🙂

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