New Week Coming

I know I haven’t written for so long. Trust me, I have attempted thousand times in my head. There were even lots of time I was too excited! But my time is limited. Also, I have to think lots before actually blogging – which I struggle to do most of the time. Anyway, I thought I’d give you some updates before the new week comes tomorrow 🙂

• I am currently on Day 37 of my 100 Happy Days Journey! I love doing it! As a person addicted to gratefulness, this motivates me, like a lot! 🙂 I post one photo (on my Instagram) each day for 100 days of things/ person/ event etc that made me happy 🙂 Here was my Day 36 🙂 If you want, you should try it to! 😉

• I am now 30. Its not my best year thus far but I am enjoying the journey of completely trusting God in every step of the way. He needs to do a lot of changing in me & I’m glad He is. I don’t want to be the same old boring person that I am now. So if He needs to do an overhaul (which I think He is starting to do now with these rough times & megacobwebs in my thinking…) He can do whatever He wants to do. His my God, my Saviour & Creator. He’s the boss 😀

• Glen & I are now married for 5 years – half a decade baby! 🙂 We’ve been through lots & I know we’ll go through more – but I promised God that i’ll stick with Glen for better or worst, richer or poorer, sickness & in health – till death do us part, so that’s what I am doing ❤

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. I'll try my best to write more 🙂 I am having a migraine now! Told you writing involves too much thinking! 😛

Have a great week! God loves you & you are amazing! ❤️🎈


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