Happy Birthday, Jesus :)

[ I just realised I didn’t post this last 24 December 2013. So yes, i am posting it now! ]

Dear Jesus,

Happy Birthday for tomorrow! 🙂

I can’t believe that a year has already gone by! It was so quick. But this morning, as I sat here in front of such a beautiful window view – i’d like to thank You for everything You have done for me this 2013. My year wasn’t the best year but You have never left my side. ever. I knew I couldn’t have survived 2013 without You. We both know that.

Thank you for helping me achieve my 2013 FaithGoals and helping me achieve them with excellence. Thank you that all through out the year, You have placed hard challenges along the way but You have used them to strengthen my character. Thank you for new friends who have added colours in my life & helped me see things in a different perspective. Thank You for the adventures You have allowed Glen & I to experience, whether it is our annual trip to the snow or our Great Barrier Reef experience or many more – these adventures reminded us of Your goodness in our lives & how blessed we are & that we have all the reasons to continually be generous to others because You have been faithfully generous to us. Thank you for family & friends who have always been there for me, although at times I may have failed to give them as much time as I wanted. They are treasures in my life that I don’t think I ever deserved but I will continually be grateful for. Thank you for helping Glen & I to continually stay married – something that is very hard in this day & age where most marriages fails – yet You are with us on every single journey which causes us to hold on to You and to each other.

And as another year come very soon, I pray that You stay with Glen & I, just how You always do. We are both excited on what You are going to do through us & to us – as a couple and as individuals. May 2014 be a year filled with victories, learnings and so much for Your grace & favour.

And I beg You to please help me pass my driving exam next year so I can start driving 😉

Happy Birthday again, Jesus. You are indeed the REASON for the SEASON. I hope people won’t forget that as they celebrate this coming Christmas.

Love Always,

Your Reason  :>

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