Truth Thursday 04: In Time I Will Be

To be honest, I was one of those kids who doesn’t have much dreams. I don’t know why but I have always been contented on what i have on my plate. Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will be, will be…) has always been my song. I don’t know if its because we weren’t that rich for me to dream big or i was just happy with we have then. My parents have big dreams for me – i remember my Mama saying i will be a doctor one day. I never believed it because i wasn’t the academic type of person, or so i thought. I have a recollection of me thinking I can be an astronaut (because the movie Apollo 11 was just too good!) or the President of the Philippines. But they were too farfetched that i stopped dreaming.

Then college came and i have to actually choose a course to study. So i thought to myself, ever since I was young, i love helping other people – so maybe if I study Psychology, that’ll help me help others. But then, I had to go to Australia during my 2nd year of college, so the plan didn’t work out. Plus, i dislike academic science, so i thought maybe Psychology is not for me. Since then I went & started many courses but never ended up finishing them.

Then I reached 21 and I got worried. Why don’t I have dreams? Why don’t I dream big? Why? So I decided it was time to do so. It was scary because even though i know I now live in a country where my dreams can actually happen, I was still unsure what to dream. So i looked at & reflected on who I really am & who God created me to be and based my dream on that.

So here are my some of DREAMS. And In time, I will be all of them, hopefully.

  • I will be working with World Vision Philippines and make a difference in children’s lives. OR build my own non-for-profit organisation with the similar vision.
  • I will be a graduate of Bachelor of Business in Management in Queensland University of Technology.
  • I will be a very hot Momma or much better, a very hot Naynay (hey! who said i can’t dream big!) to Geon. Plus, I still have my hot hubby beside me, pushing the other pram with Gene in it ♥

I have many more dreams now (than i thought i could),  but it wouldn’t fit in here. So I thought I’d just share my 3 favorites one ♥

Here is a photo of me graduating pre-school. Who would have thought this chic can dream big? =D

Mama Lian & Lil' Momma Reason

Mama Lian & Lil’ Momma Reason

This is my response to the fourth Truth Thursday prompt:

Truth Thursdays 04: In Time I Will Be

Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing. To initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. Join the fun!:)

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