Truth Thursday 01: I Am Here

I am Here…

In a season of my life where life is moving forward (and fast) and i have to balance e v e r y t h i n g in it.

work, studies, marriage, family, ministry, business, friendships, volleyball, health, writing etc etc etc etc. so on and so forth….

BUT in all these, look at me –  i am ALL SMILES =>


Smiling as though i am not feeling the pressure of many things. Smiling as if the whole balancing thing was an easy thing to do. Its not easy. I don’t think it’ll ever be. But I have learned (with the help of the gazillions of learning experiences) to rely on God & His grace; rely that He has a plan; rely that whatever He is doing, He is doing it for the good – and to always be grateful. If there was one legacy i want to leave in this world, that is it. Because although i am in a challenging season, i have so many things that i should be grateful for (and you too, yes you reading. hi!)

  • i am alive
  • i have the opportunity to make a difference
  • i am being used by God to bless people & to make Him known.
  • many many more.

Yes, I am here. And I am smiling. And I am grateful. ♥ lv.

This is my response to the first Truth Thursday prompt: 

Truth Thursday 01: I am Here

Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing. To initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. Join the fun! 🙂

woooohoooo! Truth Thursdays are back! I am sooo happy!

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