Dear Mama ♥

I wrote this letter for my Mama last year – but i thought i’d share this with you too! 🙂


Dear Mama Lian,

Look at us! After all the years of loving, fighting, shouting at each other, making BIG decisions, all the businesses that we used to have, losing & winning, the big & even bigger challenges we have as a family – we are still together. maybe not in proximity, but we are still complete as a family & still together.

Thank you for all the lessons you have taught us, not just in words, but most importantly in your deeds. Although you say a lot of things, your deeds have always been more influential & encouraging to me than your words. The way you held things together. You have always been strong – even though its against what you want – as long as it is what God wants. You have taught me so many valuable lessons just by watching you live your life.

I pray that in your 51st year, you will do everything to make yourself better – just like what you and papa have always taught us. We have learned this from you, Ma – going out of our comfort zone, trying to finish our Bachelors, giving our best to be better siblings and a better person in general. I pray you don’t stop from here – because it doesn’t stop here.

I know you still have more to contribute to this world. I know you once said, that at times it gets tiring to give yourself to others and think less of yourself. But i’ve learned that as you take care of yourself AND then give yourself to others – life makes so much more sense 🙂 So don’t stop making yourself better – keep learning, un-learning & re-learning, keep yourself healthy & fit and make the most of the next 110 years of your life! Hee hee.

I love you Mama ♥

Happy 51st Birthday.

You are beautiful.

♥ your favourite eldest daughter,

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