ingesting | digesting

Tonight, I just can’t sleep. It’s 00:42 of 23 February 2013 and I have a big day ahead of me. But I just can’t sleep. So I just read my daily dose of reading from Made to Crave Devotional and this is what I’ve learned (and I hope, if you’re reading this – I hope you’ll learn something from this one too!). Here you go:

’There is a BIG difference between ingesting and digesting… reading the Truth but not applying it and putting it to action.’

[This is definitely me. And i hear You, God. I hear You. I need to work on this pronto! I need to make use of all the things You are teaching me, otherwise it’s a waste.]

’What is a healthy choice I have made recently or could make part if my life today?… Whatever it is – make progress there. Ingest the truth then digest it until it becomes a part of who you are.’

[Dear God, help me make better, good and healthy choices that would benefit others, You and myself. I need to make these right choices, progress and make them a part of me. I am weak if i am going to do this by myself. But because You are with me, I can do anything. Let’s do this together! Love You and so looking forward for more of You & Your presence in my life.

♥ lv.]

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