The Best of 2011 Series • 365 Days of Gratefulness ☺

This was one of the best things that existed during my 2011. 

I have created a habit of being grateful for every single day (and taking a picture to remind me) – looking at the good/ beautiful things rather than the ugly stuffs that is happening.

Here is the first part and this is the second part which is still on going 😉

Some of them happen on great days and most of them happen on really bad days. And if you are following my ‘The Best of 2011 series’ you would know that 2011 was my hardest year ever.

Some people say being an optimist, just like this, takes you out of the reality on what’s happening in real life. But i disagree. Creating this habit actually let’s you see the realities of life – the real things that are happening in your own life – but you just choose to see things on a better perspective. 

I am not posting this so you check out all these photos – I am posting this to encourage you to look at things differently, more positively. Because miracles happen every day, if you look close enough.

♥ Reason

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