The Best of 2011 Series • Heavy Lessons Learned

There were a lot of lessons that I had learned during 2011 – most of them were very heavy & I believe was beyond what I can bear. But I believe that every hardships/ challenges were an opportunity for God to show me more new things about who He really is and an opportunity to learn all the more about life. 

One of the biggest lessons I have learned is about TRUST – both Trusting God and trusting the people around me. Same word, but different lessons.

Although I would never say I would want to go through all of those things again –  if that is what my God wants – then i would openly heartedly say yes to them again. 

In trying times when I ask why? In times when feelings & thoughts don’t seem to match up – God smiles to me and says “Daughter, JUST BE FAITHFUL…”

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