The Best of 2011 Series • Ate Candy & Jana

Ate Candy & Jana

These 2 have been my strength & shoulders during the hardest season of my life. And I believe that a part of the lesson I have learned during this time is that God place people in your life because He wants to use them to make you a better person and He wants to use you to help them fulfil His purposes for their lives.

I never thought that Ate Candy & Jana, although we are miles away from each other, would be the people that God would use to help me survive the storms I was in.

Here are the some of the things I learned from them:

I believe He wants to accomplish His plan for you. If in the end God grants that “desire”, it only becomes a bonus because you have received so much more while you were in the journey: a deeper relationship with our Lord. But if this desire was not granted, you will find that your intimacy with the Lord is much more valuable than what you’ve lost, and it is the blessedness of possessing nothing as AW Tozer puts it in His book Pursuit of God.

– Janary Suyat

Marriage is a choice and staying married is a decision. 

FIGHT. Remember that you are the daughter of a King, and not only that, He is the King of Kings. When you allow Satan to make you feel overwhelmed, tired, and discouraged, you are actually negating all the power the Lord has given you to enjoy. Don’t allow that to happen.

Hang in there. The Lord won’t let you down.

Hang in there, and wait for the Lord’s surprises. They’re coming.

– Candy Datu

Thank you ladies for being there for me. As a thank you, I will definitely do the same thing for others. I love you both very much. 

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