letter to my future Geon/ Gene ♥

Dear Child,

We haven’t met yet, but I want you to know, that i am so excited to meet you, get to know you, spend time with you and hug you so tight. i don’t know what you’ll be like and but i know, basing on the who your dad is, you probably will be pretty amazing! 🙂

I hope that one day, you will be so much better than your naynay and taytay – i hope you accomplish everything you wanna accomplish, but most especially, i hope and pray that you will be the man that God has created and purposed you to be.

I am telling you now, you are amazing, talented and if you just focus and persevere – you will be where God wants you to be – and that place is the best place to be.

I hope that you grow up trusting God more than how me and your taytay did. I hope you will be a man who gives respect where respect is due and even if its not, still give it anyway.

Naynay is not the smartest person in the world but i will love you with everything i have.

I can’t wait to meet you – not sure when, but i know it will be one day very soon.


Always, Naynay Reason

mahal na mahal kita. mahal na mahal…

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