Day 1: Letter to your Best Friend

Dear angel steph,

I was transferring my blogs from multiply to tumblr and i encountered one of the best love letters you ever sent me. (See below). nakalimutan ko sabihin sayo na one time nagkakaraoke kame, one of my friends wanted to sing ‘point of view’ and sabi ko cge! and I thought of you. Little did i know, habang kumakanta ako, I can feel my eyes getting teary and my throat can’t sing anymore kase naiiyak na ko. i miss you terribly steph. 😦

16 Jan 2009 – 3:31pm:

we met at jclm july of year 2000.. first time we talked.. click agad.. we grew up sharing the same things.. same POINTS OF VIEW.. same house.. same ministry.. same heartbeat.. in short.. we are the best of friends.. even more than that.. we’ve grown up as sisters.. maybe not by blood.. but by heart.. kakamiss na.. yung tipong pag masaya ka, sya yung unang una mong tatawagan or itetext.. pag malungkot ka and you wanna cry, sya yung pupuntahan mo kasi you know that whatever story you have, she will always listen.. hug lang nya enough na para malaman mong nandyan lang sya palagi.. magkatampuhan man kami, minuto lang ang lilipas, ok na ulit.. no other words needed.. kahit magkatabi lang sa kama, nagsusulatan pa..


ate, eto na yata yung pinakapangit na pic natin pero ok lang..


miss na kita.. miss na miss.. tulad nga ng sabi mo, sayang.. we weren’t able to experience the beauty of womanhood together.. but even though we’re living a thousand miles away from each other, our hearts would always know that we would always be best friends.. and nobody could ever replace that.. ate, always take good care ok.. and always be happy.. hugs for you..

Here I am
I haven’t gone that far away
And since I am
That kind of friend you know
Would stay with you through all the pain
Never to leave you in the rain
Ready to listen to what you’ve been through
Your woes and blues and share each other’s

Points of view
We’ve been there once before
And kept our points of view
It doesn’t really matter if they’re never quite the same
We have our rules in different ways
We play the games of different folks with different strokes
And keep our points of view

i love you ate! -angel..


O di ba? hee hee. bonggang bongga ang blog mo para sakin. obvious na obvious na miss na miss mo na ko. Thank God for twitter, kase it keeps us connected, mas lalo na ngayon na pareho na tayong MRS 😉 and I am also glad to be spending #prayertuesdays with you.

Mahal kita Angel 🙂


Kyutie 🙂

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