riding in cars with girls and a boy

i was on my way home today from abby’s birthday party when i had a really small thought.

when we’re young, me, jul, jerah, biboy and jonah used to fight who’s sitting beside the window or who’s sitting in the front or who’s sitting at the back of the car. we used to fight and quarrel if we do not get what we want –  which happens all the time. and then we’ll end up giving the wanted spot to the younger one because mama said we have to learn how  to give to our siblings. that if there is one bread left, we all have to have equal piece of the bread. and then we will sing whatever song is on the radio, whether its an ugly song or not, we’ll sing it anyway.

but now, since the twins moved out and got their own car and most of the time, we never ride the car with everyone in it – i realize i miss it. very much. the quarrel, the crying, the ok-fine-just-because-I’m-the-eldest-i’ll-give-it-to-you sigh, the stories inside the car, the singing inside the car, the time when I’m tired and i want to sleep and biboy will offer his shoulders for me to lean on so i can sleep. i do miss it. though i know that this is all part of the growing up and having your own life thing in life, i honestly miss it. i really do.

[24.Feb.2008 | 9:29pm]

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