I need to start writing again. 

I read some of my blogs in  multiply and read my friend, Ed’s blogs. Then i said to myself – i miss writing. 

Need to come back writing again – I need something to motivate me. Maybe my purpose why I write. Here it is:

Day 26: Writing

“I like the idea of having something worth reminiscing someday.”- Janary Suyat

And above is one of the best descriptions of why i love writing. i know i still need to improve my english grammar but i am getting there 🙂 i just love the fact that i can be creative in my own little way, whether its blogging or writing in my journal. 

I started writing on my “diary” when i was in 11 and then when i reached 13, “diary” was thanged into”journal”. hee hee. up until now, i still write on my journal. it is true that its like speaking to a friend; its like having another friend, except the friend doesnt say anything at all. lol.

And just like what Jana said, i sooo love the idea that i have something worth reminiscing someday ♥ — with Janary Suyat.

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