Truth Thursdays: Oh In Love, I need…

I have drafted this blog 3 times now, trying to figure out how to say what i really wanted to say. i wanted to be loved. and that loved to be expressed in a million different ways. LIKE:

                                            © love letters

                                            © dates on friday nights or weekends 🙂

                                            © hugs & kisses 

                                            © ilys, imys & tys 

                                            © being together 

                                            © laughing together

                                            © forgiveness

                                            © pizza on tuesday nights


                                            © love

                                            © fights/arguments

                                            © being corrected when i am wrong

                                            © flowers

                                            © surprises 🙂

                                            © holding hands even when sleeping

                                            © hugs, hugs and more hugs

                                            © unexpected text messages with sweet nothings

but in the end, in being in love, all i need is this:


[26 Feb 2009 | 9:20am]

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