teenage love affair

while we are pre-packing for our saturday move to carseldine, i encountered my diary for early 2003 to early 2004. and i love my diaries, very much. it always reminds me to look back and see how my life has been before.  and honestly, it unfolds beautiful, crazy, sad and happy memories  i used to have. i remember that when i was in grade 4 and started writing on my first diary, that was my main goal – to look back and remember the stories of my life. 😀

and i also remember that i keep records of the special text messages i received from the important people in my life. and there was one from my husband – who just used to be my teenage love affair – actually, my secret teenage love affair LOL. because as far as i know, this was when me and glen was still NOT an item, but i am already in love with him. and i was not sure if he was feeling the same. LOL. this is something that makes me laugh so hard. 😀 because during this time, i was trying to let go of what i feel for him because i think he is in love with someone else. but on the other side, i am not letting go because i can feel that i am important to him, and i can feel that he feels the same way. “assuming”, as me and hunny ahbey used to call it. (remember ahbey? man! who would have thought the “assuming” guys are the one who ended up beside us now?) it is weird then, but i am laughing at it now. hee hee hee. 😀 anyway, i want to post this message just for the reason that it gives me the *kilig* factor and i can clearly remember how i felt when i read this message. i do feel like a teenager. hee hee. here it is:

“anong plano ng hunny mo? wag na pakawalan ung hunny nya.. hee hee”  00:46:00  |  29.02.2004

and yes, he did not let me go =D

[5 March 2009 | 10:22pm]

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