Infinite Moments

infinite moment: noun. a period of time that can stand on its own without context; a memory that lifts you to the highest of heavens; a moment that you know would be excellent, no matter what happened before or what happens next; that one beat in time when you stretch out across the universe. (coined after reading Perks of being a Wallflower) – [stef’s definition]


it was the first time I fell in love. I knew it was a puppy love, but who the heck cares. I was a hopeless romantic, in love with love (as I think i am during that time. lol) I was in grade 6 and 12 years old and every single time I see him, butterflies in my stomach started to play. He was the cutest guy in Sunday school. And of course since mum was the Sunday school teacher, I knew she wouldn’t mind if I kinda seat next to him. I always look forward for Sunday school. and on Mondays, I wish tomorrow was Sunday. And when he told me that he love me too, more butterflies started dancing and celebrating inside my stomach. That summer of I think 1998 was the best summer I’d ever had. I know, I know. I was 14 then. But I knew for a fact that the butterflies weren’t partying inside my stomach for no reasons. We had summer camp at church in Laguna and it was the best! Most unforgettable part was when I played basketball with him and the rest of the team. We were giving sweet glances at each other, he was ALWAYS passing the ball to me, and as a result of inspiration, I always end up shooting hoops for the team, and of course for him. I was the MVP of the game, but he was the MVP in my heart.


Youth camp for 2000. I was not expecting too much of that camp, except maybe getting my baby back from her. Luckily, she was not there. But as the event started to unlock, things started to happen. Our Pastor continually shares things about Jesus, who I knew ever since I was young. And I could even quote some of the verses he was saying. But he said one thing that I will never forget – I can no longer live like this anymore. I cannot pretend that things are okay with US when its not. The Pastor’s voice started to become so real inside me. It started to echo in my ears straight to my heart. I knew that I was feeling the same thing and saying the same thing – I can no longer live like this anymore God. I cannot pretend that things are okay with US when its not. And that night, that moment, I knew my life will never be the same. That moment I made a real decision that I knew I should have taken seriously ages ago. And GOD was right. When, I made the decision and said YES to Him, my life was never the same. And never will it be.


we were walking on the way home from Tuesday youth nights as we always do. I was with some friends and he was too. I was wearing normal jeans and a shirt but tonight, I just decided to put on a headband for a change. We were about to cross the road when he said “ganda ni reason ngayon ha”. And that night, I was in heaven. Finally, after so many years, someone thinks I am beautiful.


4 January 2009 – 3:46pm

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