Day 17: someone i would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

some people will usually answer this question with people who are famous or successful. but me? if i was to switch lives with someone for one day – i would choose to switch with:

Clarabelle Bernice Pizzaro 🙂


  • i have always been a big fan of her. she may not know this but i truly am her biggest fan since high school.
  • she always knew what she wanted in life.
  • she always knew what to say in the right place at the right time.
  • yes she aint perfect, but with her, everything’s just cool.
  • she’s so beautiful (who by the way, that beauty beat me as freakin pamplona liked her and not me. i still can’t accept that fact until now! =P)
  • her beauty ain’t just outside, she was beautiful inside and out.
  • She have a dad who loves her so and a mom who loves her too! she’s got the hottest brothers who loves their ate lovely very much. 
  • did i say she was beautiful? She always knew how to take care of herself. 🙂
  • she is now an RN. she has goals in life and she always find ways to reach them.
  • i so love her handwriting =] (do you remember how similar our handwriting was??)
  • she can give you the best hugs ever. i actually miss them 😦
  • she eats a LOT but look how skinny she is! i wonder when will that happen to me???
  • yes she was crazy too. i discovered this when we got drunk together. hahaha. but i am a fan of her crazyness 😉

Dear Cla aka frenchfries ko (hope you still remember =]),

parker pens, your voice lessons, corona notebooks, side A cds, you short hair (now longer than ever), your ‘between you and me’ cards for me, our love letter days, our long phone calls and text messages, secret crushes, whispers during classes, locker chats, our pamplona days, being drunk together, eating french fries together AND then writing letters to each other using the frenchyfries container, our writing being so similar and so much more.

i miss them all so much. i just want you to know that your life has influenced me in a lot of ways. you may not know pero i am your biggest fan ever since.  i loved every bit of you 😉 i wanted you to know that even though time had past and we havent been in contact for so many years, our friendship, for me, had always been special. thank you for being in my life and adding so much color by being in it. and we may have lived our life on separate ways, but our friendship will always be one of the best highlights of my high school life.

 i hope one day soon we can catch up just like old times.

mahal kita cla 🙂

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