Day 13: a letter to someone who hurt you

dear you,

its been so long since i last spoke to you. but im glad things are working out for you. as i’ve learned, in life, you don’t really have to like everybody, but you just have to give respect. so i am giving you that. respect.

i feel terrible that things have to be this way. but i don’t like the way you lied to me. i feel like crap because i trusted you and listened to you. and then you lied to me.

and now you are treating my friends like crap as well! i can’t believe this! how dare you! how dare YOU!

but its all good. you probably have a good reason for doing so. i don’t want to talk about it though. i just want tings to be this way. i have people who deserves my time. people who may lie to me or hurt me, but i know will be brave enough to say sorry to my face, or tell me that i suck because i am this, i am that. id rather that than people talking about me at my back. i don’t need people like that. i have my own share of heavyload, thank you very much.

and please, stop treating my friends like crap, giving them disrespect they don’t deserve. because the next time i find out something like this, you wouldn’t like what i have to say. don’t push me to the edge, matey! pls don’t. you disrespect me, im trying to be fine with that. you disrepect my friends- man! that is just wrong!!!! PLEASE FREAKIN STOP IT!!!!!! >={

hope life will treat you right, and i am still praying for u. because i also believe that you are one of those people that i need to love from a distance because your presence in my life aint helping me to be better. yet, i also believe that prayer is the best love language. so please, just let me love you this way. and lets just keep things this way.

moving on, reason.

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