Day 6 & Day 7: favorite superhero and why & a picture of someone who has the biggest impact on me

why favorite superhero?

because out of all the heroes that i know, He was the only one who really saved me. and He didn’t just save me using his powers, he actually suffered so much and even died for me. It cost Him his own life to save me. But He didn’t just die (which i think the best part of the story) He actually rose from the dead and to show He is God. that’s pretty amazing =]  i don’t think any other hero can do that.  oh and by the way, He didn’t just die for me – He also died for you. 🙂

biggest impact

yes he does. He didn’t just impacted my life. He didn’t just influence it.

i live to tell the world about Him – about His great love. i live to tell of His glory. i live FOR HIM. i am nothing without Him.

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