Day 3: picture of me and my lifetime friends

*i lost my other post for some reasons. so i have to do another one again.*

this post was meant to be ‘a picture of me and my bestfriend’. but i am one of those gurls who has a lot of bestfriends and has a lot of good friends. im not saying that all my friends are not really the best. all of them, in every season/ every stage of my life, were such blessings from God and i believe that during those seasons, they were really the friends God had given me.

so if u were once my best friend, or  a really good friend of mine and is not mentioned in this blog but u know in your heart that we have shared something special, please don’t think that you are forgotten. whoever you are, if you know me well, you would know that whatever we both shared is something really important to me and u were part of what i am now. so i am very much grateful for your life. so thank you ♥

i also believe that God places people in our lives for a reason, for a season and a lifetime. and these 6 people im posting a photo here in my blog are the people who i believe are people who God place in my life for a LIFETIME =]

diana mae coloma-bustos: i miss you so much siops. thank you for making me realise how beautiful i am just by being me. sometimes i still am surprise to discover that God actually used Martin to bring you into my life 🙂 thank you for all the talks, the laughters, the dramas, the fights and most especially, for the lessons we learned along the way – together.  i am so looking forward for more wifey bondings with you. together or apart, you will always remain one of my lifetime friends ;]

ahbey fernandez-manuel: hunny ahbey, look how skinny we were in this photo? what happened? hee hee. thank you for being with me and for praying with me through the hard times and the good times. i really thank God for that stairs in FBC. because if wasn’t for that time and that place, i wouldnt know how extra amazing life can be because of your presence! mahal kita 🙂

paula andrea faith arciaga: my dear ap. i chose this photo because this photo describes our relationship quite specifically. i love doing things with you. whether church, girly, boyish or whatever, i don’t care. i just love doing things with you. i think we are such a good couple 😉 you are like my soulmate, if there is such a thing. you have influenced me with lots and lots of things. u may not know that, but i do. and i would like to thank you for loving me as me. loving me including the ugly part of me and the ugly parts of my life. u have seen me in my ugliest, but u stayed. and continue to stand with me and believing for His greater plans. *so were okay, were fine. ap im here to stop ur crying. chase all the cobwebs from your head, im stronger than the monsters beneath ur bed….. multiply love by the power of two*

bethany ward: my dear buddy, our friendship has always been a love story from day 1. and i would reiterate once again, that i thank God for you sexy bum because that sexy bum is an essential part of our love story as it is the reason why i fell in love with you! hahahaha! buddy, thank you so much for always challenging my thoughts and helping me become a better person. i am very much thankful that God has blessed my life so much just by placing u in it. our friendship is one of the best love stories id ever had in my entire life. and i dont have any plans of breaking up with you =P

stephanie francisco: my angel steph. i dont tink the space is enough to write every single thing i want to thank you for. we have so much memories together! so many i get so distracted while writing this just thinking about them! hee hee. thank you for being my angel. u have seen me on my worst, but u have always pushed me to be better. like what is said before sa fb mo, its always nice to know that through the years, nothing ever changes between us. i love that time and distance doesnt change the dept and quality of our friendship. and to that, i am grateful. love you angel ko.

glen villavicencio – thank you for helping me be a better person. you are not just my husband, you are my best friend, my brother and my top one lifetime friend. thank you for understanding my dramas and helping me keep my brain’s sanity. i love you like i love my french fries =]

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