Day 1: a recent photo of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

[this photo was just 5 mins ago. guess that’s recent enough :)]

15 interesting facts

  1. my nickname eversince i was a baby was ‘Reason’.

  2. i love reading but sometimes reading is too cool for me.

  3. i love eating and u are going to have so much fun eating with me 🙂 just because.

  4. i wanted to be part of Glee. i have a great dream of singing + acting + dancing 🙂 it would be so much of a dream come true if that happens. ;]

  5. unfortunately, i snore loudly when i sleep. but if u are a good friend, we can snore together 😉

  6. blue used to be my favorite color, then i met someone who loves red so much, and he influenced me a lot. now red is my favorite color.

  7. i am very much in love with my husband. people say sometimes i express it too much or say it too much publicly, but id rather say it loud, do it loud, than miss a day not making him feel loved by me.

  8. i love my friends. new and old 🙂 they make the hard times of my life bearable 🙂

  9. my family may not be perfect, but this family is the best i’d ever had :]

  10. i believe i was blessed so much by God with my in-laws. couldnt ask for more.

  11. i am learning so much from australia and the great working culture that they have. cant wait to have my own business in the phils, and build/ create such culture of objectiveness, no blaming- solution based culture and a lot more.

  12. i used to talk behind people’s back just for the hell of it and to satisfy my selfish immature self. Now i hate it like hell! and if i talk behind u now, trust me its something good 🙂

  13. i love jollibee :] wouldnt trade it for any other fast food in the world, even mcdonalds 😉

  14. i want to leave a legacy and influence people through the love, hope, favor and victories that God has done, is doing and going to do in my life.

  15. i wish to be known for my hugs. because when i hug u, i really mean it. i really want to hug you with love =]

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