Gratefulness Day – The V’s Thanksgiving :)

I now have a new 2nd favourite day. It used be my birthday. But I think this new tradition we started this 2015 at The Vs changes things – its Gratefulness Day – our own version of Thanksgiving 🙂 [my birthday can be third, its okay. =D]

Last night, we just made a simple meal, gathered around our table talked about 3 things we are thankful/ grateful for (for the 2015 year). It was a good night. It was a simple night but it meant a lot to me. It’s like I’m living out what I value the most – Gratefulness. And to see the family talk about thankfulness around the table, its such a pretty sight. Very pretty indeed. We said that aside from being grateful for the good things, we also need to be grateful for the good things that came out from the bad. We have bad things/ experiences for 2015 – but I think we all came out stronger, smarter, braver and we have learned the beauty of moving forward with grace, courage and more compassion towards ourselves and others. And these things are worth celebrating. And should definitely be grateful for. ❤

Last night we only talked about 3 things – but I listed 10. Just because. So here they are (in random order):

10 Things I am grateful for =)

  1. Finally graduating ❤ ( After 27 years of studying – NO MORE SCHOOL!!)
  2. Glen (Who wouldn’t be grateful for this incredibly amazing human being?)
  3. My #YouAreLovedProject is now scattered around Manila, Brisbane and Sydney (Hopefully next year, it’ll reach more people around the world!)
  4. Friends that turned into Family ❤ (I am seriously grateful whenever I think of these people. I am not sure where I would be without them.)
  5. Renewed Self-Confidence and Bravery in me *smiles*
  6. My FamBam and the chance to spend more time with all of them this year ❤
  7. Being a Team Leader at Hope Kids =)
  8. The good things that came out of being diagnosed with Depression (there are a lot of them and this space is not enough :>)
  9. ‘I have made you. I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. *repeat infinite times* ‘ –God [With a LOVE like this, how can you not be grateful? *tears, tears and more tears + big smile*
  10. French Fries + Mayonnaise + Tomato Sauce Combination ( I am and forever will be grateful for French fries. my forever first love. bow.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

or Happy Gratefulness Day to those who just want to change things because some change can be good ❤ Stay grateful!

Much Love, Reason ❤

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